We promote UK Innovation in Artificial Intelligence.


The Innovation Council was setup by the The London Artificial Intelligence Futurists.  Our mission is to promote UK based Researchers and Start-ups working in the field of A.I and computational intelligence. The A.I. Tech sector is large and active in the UK however is mostly invisible, under-valued and not self-promoting. We are trying to fix that.

We are want to give recognition to the U.K's coolest, most exciting people and A.I. projects.

There are 3 categories of Awards.


The innovation awards are for activity in the area of A.I. We define A.I. in the broadest terms - agents that exhibit intelligence - chatbots to robots.

Coolest Start-up

Awarded to a UK start-up. The start-up must be under 3 years old. The purpose of the award is to help promote the start-up with some publicity and recognition of peers.

2014 Winner


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Most Influential

Awarded to any UK based individual. We want to recognize people who are making waves in the industry.

2014 Winner


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Coolest Project

Awarded to any UK based Academic or Student project in the A.I.

2014 Winner


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Nominations closed!

Awards announced at the Computational Intelligence UnConference 26 July London.