We are pleased to announce the 2014 winners of the UK Innovation Council A.I. Awards.

Coolest Project in UK A.I.

Perceptual Robots

Rupert Young


A presentation of a general architecture for robotics that addresses fundamental questions regarding what intelligent behaviour is. The architecture is implemented on an autonomous robotic rover demonstrating the  validity of the approach and showing how to build artificial systems which work in an intelligent way, comparative to biological living systems. See summary at http://www.perceptualrobots.com/research/#ar and full paper at http://www.perceptualrobots.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/PCT_Robotics_Architecture-aij.pdf

Most Influential in UK A.I.

Rachael - A general cognition engine

Marcelo Funes-Gallanzi


Simplish have been working on a general cognition engine that is capable of understanding standard english of 100,000 words (including 30,000 scientific words) and creating multidimensional ideograms to represent phrases (using basic english).  Thus if two sentences have similar meaning, they will be represented by similar ideograms, regardless of specific wording or grammar.  We have therefore enabled the computer to "understand" what the user says, moving AI from "pattern matching" strategies to "concept matching".  This approach enables us to merge concepts if equivalent, do summaries, order data, find relevant contextual data easily, identify sentences having similar meaning, do abduction on knowledge, and implement a means to identify metaphors.  It basically places knowledge in a position and shape depending on meaning and so requires no prior training to understand any given topic, hence the term "general cognition engine".  Current work is centred on deduction using the STUDENT algorithm combined with the E theorem prover from the TUM.  We have implemented two applications: a simple summary generator available in www.simplish.org and a conversational agent available at  (currently it has a general history of the world, some Confucious, general knowledge taken from Howie and some quotes).  We aim to upload 10 seminal books and allow the engine to do abduction of the material itself, in the next few months, as a first test of its ability to learn for itself.

Coolest Startup in UK A.I.



Emil Wallnér

Aicademy is the fastest, easiest way to learn Artificial Intelligence, create algorithms, and start your own AI projects. Tutorials in Python and Wolfram Language, combined with tutoring from a select group of PhD students and AI professors.