2014 UK AI Award Winners

We are pleased to announce this years winners of the UK A.I. awards. There was an amazing level of innovation in the nominations.

UK Innovation in A.I. is world leading and we are very pleased to help promote this very important part of the UK Technology sector.

Coolest Project in UK A.I. was awarded to Perceptual Robots. 

Most Influential in UK A.I. was awarded to Simplish.

Coolest Startup in UK A.I was awarded to Aicademy.





UK's quiet A.I. Inventors

UK's quiet A.I. Inventors

The break through in AI that is needed isn't new algorithms and new maths but the embodiment of a useful invention.  If it was matter of brute strength funding and research, (think of IBM Watson, 16 Tb of memory, $20m annual budget ) the problem would have been solved by now. What is needed is invention and creativity. We need to encourage this garage inventor or spare bedroom hackers.