What is this?

  • We are not a Fund. (but we'd be happy to work with a Fund to promote UK tech on a not-for-profit basis)
  • We are not a Government body (but we'd love to help UK Government be more effective at promoting this UK Tech sector)
  • We have a much bigger agenda - helping the UK Tech industry create the Future.

Why do this?

The Innovation Council was started by Lindsay Smith.  In my day job I am CTO at Telrock http://www.telrock.com and I run the Research side of the business which you can find out about here:  http://telrock-labs.com

I started the Innovation Council from frustration with the failure of the UK to be the environment I want for the Technology Industry. I moved a large part of my companies Development and Operations to Finland. A few reasons why, but what was very clear is that very sadly for a Technology business Finland was a better choice than the UK. The support the environment gives in Finland, from a Government to an Industry level puts the UK to shame.

The award was also partly inspired by The Loebner Prize, the competition for Chatbots with the Turing Test.

If you are interested in getting involved, have ideas on how you can help, want to spread the word, we'd love to talk. You can contact me by email lindsay.smith@innovation-council.org.uk 

If you want to understand more about the London A.I. Futurists join the discussion here: